Keil has been a deputy sheriff since 1987 and has received extensive training through the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program Sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration certifying him as a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor.

Mr. Keil has trained thousands of law enforcement officers across the United States including the Multi jurisdictional Counter Drug Task Force for St. Petersburg College, instructing agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, United States Border Patrol, Chicago PD and New York PD, along with officers from throughout the country. He has flown with the United States Border Patrol, Tucson sector, attempting to locate illegal aliens and drug smugglers.

 Joe has been a keynote speaker at conferences across the country, in addition to holding specialized workshops on drug interdiction, K9 usage during traffic stops, and the physiology of drugs in the human body. Joe has appeared on newscasts, written newspaper and magazine articles, and also published two books on the perils of substance abuse.